FREE Workouts

Have you ever put off a workout because of one of these reasons?

‘hard to find the time’

Here you will find FREE workout plans for you to use at home. Many students get lost on their poles at home, creating so many excuses on why they can’t or won’t workout, I have created these structures to help you plan your workouts, and keep up your motivation.

These plans are easy to follow structures, written out in text form, ready for you to use. I suggest working out your moves first, have the videos ready, which you want to learn from. Last thing you want is to get warmed up and then have the problem of getting cold whilst you are trying to figure out what you want to learn.

If you struggle for time, then have a look at the 35 minute short plans, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in a short space of time, these will benefit you much more than thinking you don’t have the time.

Please note these are only guides, you can increase sections if it’s going well, and you get motivated, but try not to decrease sections if you can help it, particularly on the short workouts. Always remember to warm up and cool down.

Don’t get caught up on things that are difficult, moves can take a while to get sometimes, try to end on a good note of something you can do, or perhaps a song you like to dance to. Enjoy your workout.

Absolute Beginner Workout – 60 Minutes

Short Beginner Workout – 35 Minutes

Intermediate Workout – 60 Minutes

Short Intermediate Workout – 35 Minutes



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