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Use of the online videos

Use of digi-pole online pole dancing lesson videos, and for information and reference purposes only.

Although a very comprehensive breakdown of each move is provided within each video, we do not recommend you practise any of these moves by yourself, without a qualified, trained, and insured supervisor present at all times.

Pole Dancing is a high risk activity, with the risk of severe injuries, paralysis, or potentially even death.  Never practise any move without all sufficient safety measures in place (such as the suitable pole itself carefully secured, large deep crash mats beneath you, direct supervision at all times, being spotted by competent people at all times, etc).

digi-pole cannot be held responsible at any time, for anything you do as a result of these online lessons.  Viewing these videos is accepting these terms, and limiting liability to digi-pole purely to the cost of the minimum subscription price.

The online pole dancing lessons by digi-pole and Purity Pole Dancing are for reference purposes only, and should not be relied upon as the basis for training without a competent and insured pole dance instructor present at all times.

If you are not able to find a suitable pole dance instructor where you are, you can visit the Purity Studio of Purity Pole Dancing, in Reading, England, where professional classes are provided regularly with trained and insured instructors.

Please be aware that while these videos can be used with Dial-Up (slow internet acess), they will take a considerable amount of time to load. Similarly, if you are using a mobile phone or similar to access these videos, it may use up a considerable amount of your bandwidth, which of course is at your own cost. (For your advanced information, each video file size can be seen beneath each video within the members’ area).


We’ve made huge efforts to develop the digi-pole online pole dancing resource, and each video brings together years of training and experience.  As such, we don’t take kindly to people making copies without our permission (even if it is for ‘personal use’).

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from digi-pole is strictly prohibited. Each copyright breach incurrs a minimum £500 fee per infringement, payable within 14 days. (We have already won court action for people breaching our copyright.)

Short text excerpts and links may be used (with advanced permission only), provided that full and clear credit is given to digi-pole.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  You must however notify digi-pole of such use, and permission may be withdrawn at any time.

digi-pole videos (and any excerpts from them) may not be downloaded, copied, skimmed, or shared, etc. at any time. Videos may only be streamed directly from the members’ area of the digi-pole website, by current paid-up members. Any local copies on your computer or other digital device, must be deleted when logging out of the digi-pole website, and must not be later retrieved, etc.

Unlimited Access

Members signed up for our rolling monthly program, are entitled to ‘unlimited’ access of our online videos for your own and exclusive personal use only. This is of course subject to a fair and reasonable use policy, and we may need to temporarily block certainly members making particularly excessive use of our website bandwidth (we will try to notify you first, although haven’t had to reduce anyone’s access yet!).


Please note that no refunds will be given at any time for any reason.  Once you’ve had access to digi-pole, we can’t stop you having seen what you’ve already had access to.  (obviously if there is a significant problem with our site, then we can potentially extend your membership accordingly).

Where you have signed up for an automatically re-occurring subscription, you are responsible for cancelling your own subscription directly with your payment provider (ie PayPal).  Automatically re-occurring subscriptions are clearly highlighted though.

General Terms

digi-pole, digi-pole.com, and the digi-pole logo are Trademarks of Purity Pole Dancing.

Purity Pole Dancing is a trading name of Purity Studio Ltd, registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 07208212. Registered Office: 16 Mays Lane, Reading, RG6 1JX.

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