About Jolene

Split Grip - PencilPole dancing has been a passion of mine since I started learning back in 2003, I have only ever done it for fun and fitness. I started teaching in 2005 and set up Purity Pole Dancing in 2006. It is the most fun and rewarding job I have ever had! Some of my students who came to me in my first year of teaching are still coming to me now. I’ve had students go on the enter competitions, be competition finalists, and become pole instructors.

I enjoy showcases and have competed a few times, including at Polecats, Pole Divas and being a finalist at Miss Pole Dance 2008.


Knee Hold at Synthetic Culture

Years ago I used to do podium dancing in night clubs, but once I started pole I decided to give up podium and just do pole. I did this regularly a few times month for about 3 years to lots of different music.




As well as dancing in nightclubs I have also had other opportunities including;

•Radio (BBC Radio Berkshire/OnFM Radio), The Q
•TV (UK TV Style/BBC Three)
•Music Video (Nick Sentience)
•Calendars (MyPole 2005/Pole Love 2008)
•Showcases (Purity, Spin City, UKAPP, Miss Pole Princess, Equity, International Pole Federation)
•Speaking and performing at Venus Art Gallery, Henley
•Various after show parties, London
•Performing in Cyberdog, Camden, at weekends during Summer 2010

In 2007 and 2009 I was lucky to judge the national competition, Pole Divas.

Power Invert



It has been one of my main ambitions to bring pole dancing classes to areas which don’t have them, this was the main inspiration for digi-pole, I want to make pole dancing accessible to those not near classes, or for what ever reason can’t get to them.

I have constructed the videos in the same style as I teach. There are no bells and whistles (such as slow motion, zoom in, arrows, or text), it is just the pole and myself (in high definition), demonstrating and breaking down the moves, giving you teaching points, and giving you guidance for possible things that may go wrong. This is the way I have taught my classes, and it has been the most effective.


I am a Level 2 Instructor with Pole Dance Community, and my school Purity Pole Dancing is a Pole Dance Community Approved School.

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